'Time to Ditch the Bull....! and Be Happy' 


Are you ready to be the best you can be... 

Is to help you change your life by igniting your inner beauty so you can live the life that you deserve. Using a mix of education, meditation, and interviews with experts in the fields of physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing, giving you access in one portal to oodles of self-help content and beauty tips .

Physical development covers your personal style, diet, exercise, and skincare regimes. Minus417 are proud sponsors of YPTH.

Mental development will look at mindful living, self-awareness, and expression.

Emotional development covers meditations, affirmation, and journalling.

Where you right now in this particular phase of your life is exactly where you want to be, because now is the time to implement change and join the YPTH Journey. Your personality, your energy, your determination and your contribution will change as you turn your life around, not because of spite, but because of the pathway you are about to embark on, so do not hesitate and jump on board

Join The YPTH Family and Ignite your inner and outer beauty

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Your Path to Happiness is Proudly Sponsored by Minus417 Australia, Dead Sea Skincare from Isreal.

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