'Wanna Kick-Ass' 

Are you ready to take control of your life... 

Is to help you change your life by skyrocketing your self-confidence so you can live the best life that you can. Using a mix of eLearning self-paced education, practical applications, weekly challenges, and podcasts I will help you turn your life around. 

And you know what the best bit is!

I have made it affordable for anyone to join. Wave bye-bye to expensive coaches and counselors.

For just $99.00 Per Year or $2.20 per week, you access to ongoing resources and support to turn your life around.

I want to provide as many people as I can with access to these materials, as such, 10% of profits from eLearning and merchandise are donated to children and women in need. 

Join The YPTH Family and Live The Life of Riley 

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