Let Me Help You Take Control of Your Life

Ready to Make a Change


Your Path To Happiness DIY Coaching Program provides you with the foundation to live a happy and fulfilling life. I will help you to get to the route of what you truly value and need from others so you can fire on all cylinders, no matter what gets shoved in your face. You will learn how you can use the power of your mind to change how you react to anything situation that you previously found, quite frankly, 'a pain in the arse'.

You will learn about yourself and those around you, so you can unknot the complexities of relationships by understanding what makes people tick, and what makes some people so adorable and others the person from hell, you will get oodles of tips and tricks on how to set yourself up for success no matter what challenges are placed in front of you and I will be right here to help you. So if you are feeling exhausted, frustrated, stuck, sad, lonely, or frantic, now is the time to take control of your life.

What To Expect

Your first step is a self-paced eLearning course that consists of three themes that take you on a journey of self and social discovery and this forms the basis of the coaching program.

Theme 1 - Understanding Yourself


The first theme helps you understand yourself so that you can build a happier and stronger relationship with yourself. This series covers:


  • What influences who you are

  • Why you may be where you are today

  • What makes you tick: your values, needs, and priorities


Theme 2 - Understanding Others

The second theme turns your attention outwards and towards other people so that you can understand their values and needs in order to improve the relationship. This series covers:

  • How people tick based on their values and needs

  • How different values, needs, and priorities impact relationships

  • The skills that you can develop to improve the relationships that you have with people that are important to you

Theme 3 - Reducing Stress and Misunderstandings

The final theme focuses on reducing stress and misunderstanding. You will learn how to turn negative thoughts into positive ones in order to improve your self-esteem, energy levels, and relationships. This theme covers:

  • How communication changes over time

  • Inner dialogue and shadow characteristics

  • Using this system when you know things could be better


Bonus Materials

The second step allows you to pick and choose materials that contain oodles of tips and tricks that help you improve the way you live, including:


  • Updating your 'inner dialogue' 

  • Controlling damaging 'mind-reading'

  • Apply 'flow' to increase your energy

  • 'Pausing' to reduce overload

  • 'Mindful' living to combat stress

  • Three 'states of the mind' to expand your self-awareness

  • Art of 'gratitude' to live a balanced life

  • Impact of 'decisions' to improve your quality of life


Facebook Family

You will personally be invited to join my Facebook family, this is your support group where you can talk to fellow members in a safe and secure environment. I will also be available to answer any questions to help support you on your journey.  

Weekly Challenges

Each week I will send you a 'quote' and video on how you apply the 'words in the quote' to your daily life, this profoundly simple process continues to take you on your journey of self-development.


Podcast Series

I encourage you to listen and learn from people's real-life experiences and how they overcame challenges to take control of their life. You will also hear from experts in their field on topics that continue to support your personal development pathway.