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Your Path To Happiness Education Series provides the foundation to living a happy and fulfilled life, by helping you to understand what you value and need from others, and on the flip side, what other people value and need from you. It is through differences in priorities where misunderstandings come from, therefore, once you understand more about yourself and others, it will help you to view current relationships in a new light. 

With this new found knowledge, you will be in a stronger position to nurture the relationships that are good for you. This may involve stepping back from certain people in your life, in order to fill your world with the people who you truly want to be close to you, so that you achieve the happiness that you deserve.

Whatever you choose, it will be based on your conscious decision to surround yourself by people who lift you up, and who value you for who you are.

Your Path to Happiness has been specifically designed to take you on a journey that will allow you to learn about yourself and others. We want to provide you with strategies for understanding and relating to all types of people.



  • Improve a relationship with a family member, friend or loved one

  • Feel fantastic and alive after a divorce

  • Raise self esteem and build a rock solid base of inspiring friends

  • Have great relationships with people at work 

  • Save a relationship that may otherwise deteriorate

  • Feel in control, happy and comfortable within yourself

  • Understand more about what makes people tick

  • Improve the relationship that you have with your children

This series consists of three themes that address different aspects of behaviour:


Theme 1


The first theme helps you understand yourself and understand others so that you can build happier and stronger relationships with the important people in your life. This series covers:


  • What influences who you are

  • Why you may be where you are today

  • What makes you tick: your values, needs and priorities


Theme 2 

The second theme turns your attention outwards and towards other people, so that you can understand their values and needs, so that you can improve the relationship. This series covers:

  • How people tick based on their values and needs

  • How different values, needs and priorities can impact relationships

  • The skills that you can develop to improve the relationships that you  have with people that are important to you

Theme 3

The final theme focuses on reducing Stress and Misunderstanding. Under this theme you will learn how to turn negative thoughts into positive in order to improve your self esteem, energy levels and communication skills. This theme covers:

  • How communication changes over time

  • Inner dialogue and shadow characteristics

  • Using this system when you know things could be better


Additional Resources

Provides tips and tricks on how to improve your thoughts, such as:


  • Controlling the 'inner dialogue'

  • Minimising 'mind reading'

  • Applying 'flow' to your everyday life

  • 'Pausing' between activities to avoid overload