Our Mission

Decades of research from Harvard University suggests that a good relationship with yourself and others, rather than money or status, are the key to good health and happiness. These studies showed that regardless of someones financial situation or upbringing, people who have close and positive relationships with those around them, including loved ones, family and friends, were not only happier, they also lived longer, those who did not, experienced sadness and ill health.

'Never Underestimate The Damage Caused by People Who Bring You Down' 

Tanya Harris

Our Mission

Our mission is to help men, women and children to build healthy and fulfilling relationships by providing education and awareness on how certain types of relationships with family, friends, loved ones and work colleagues, can cause frustration, unhappiness and stress and how you can take back control.


Our Vision

Our vision is to provide cost effective education to people around the world and to donate profits to charities that support people in mental crisis in order to help people lead a fulfilling life. 



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